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Your go-to person for web development and graphic design

Pura-web is your (remote) partner in website development, digital design, and printmaking. Whether you want to build a website, create a brand identity, design a flyer, or start a web-shop, Pura-web has got you covered. By having a professional partner for both your website and graphic design, you’ll save yourself from a lot of tasks. And in the meantime, you’ll see your business grow!
Digital Design

Who is Pura-web

I am Maaike Hoogstra Bouwman, freelancer in website development and graphic design. I can help you grow your business by building a website and designing graphics. My skillset contains both a creative side and a technical side. I use this combination to make your website look great and also function very well. When it comes to graphic design, it is also a mix of creative and technical skills that result in graphics of all types and size, for digital use as well as for print purposes.